El Puertorro
Cardio workout

Had a good cardio work out this morning down 25lb getting closer to my goal hard work and sweat and dedication is all I have to say I never was that dedicated not even when my dad passed because of bad health I started to work then but then got bored and lazy, but know that I’m older and every time I go to the docs I walk out with a new medication or from being yield at by the doctor for the last year I have been dedicated to eating better and taken care of myself even tho I have no support form some of the people I live with but I love it when my clothes stay big on me and people who haven’t seen in me in a while tame a double take and be like damn you lost some weight and looking good I especially like it when I’m told that in front certain people because laziness and taken diet pills is not going to help you to loss weight you have to work hard at it and believe me its taken me some time to understand this but know there is no going back just forward until I accomplish my goals.